Norsepool Norsemen Deadpool shirt


Dan is probably deaf. He wouldnt know what good was if it hit him in the face, I mean a seahawks fan? Come on. I like Nickelback more than I like to the Beatles. Dan Wulff I will fight you. we got a deaf one over here. Norsepool Norsemen Deadpool shirt

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Norsepool Norsemen Deadpool shirt

Cesar R. Rodriguez well he’s owned by Disney now and if you want to see more of him you need to go see him. Adam Whelan, Disney could actually use all the proceeds from Infinity War (which dwarfed all the Marvel films) on cancer research. They didn’t while expecting viewers to flip the bill on a low rating film reproduction. Yes, support them. Tell that to the censored versions of movies that play on tv. This is just an extra cash grab cause deadpool has a huge young fan following. Also apparently it’s for a good cause for a charity. I’m more insulted by them doing essentially a re-release of the same movie. But yeah no, no pg-13 deadpool. not that Dp2 really needed the R rating nothing in it was particularly R worthy as I remember. Colin Stephens yea Zeitgeist going into a wood chipper was definitely not R worthy.

Norsepool Norsemen Deadpool unisex shirt
Norsepool Norsemen Deadpool unisex shirt
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