My Hero Academia Movie Shirt


I really hate that the animation houses release movies when they should be furthering a series and devoting energy to that, if the manga writer isn’t able to keep up the house should ask how they can help.    My Hero Academia Movie Shirt

My Hero Academia Movie Shirt

Brittney Jackson Plus the Mangaka considers these movies canon so that helps like the previous movie.  Read the article. The movie is supposed to shed some light on All Might’s retirement. Plus the movies are considered canon. Two Heroes got a side story so Heroes Rising will likely get the same. Also as for “catching up”, the manga is so far ahead of the anime that there’s plenty of source material the animation studio can use.  I’m a bit confused, you don’t like movies or you think they should be workaholics? Either way your rant seems kinda redundant.  Brittney Jackson We get four chapters a month for My Hero proper. The vigilantes spin off is the monthly one.  Reinhard Luntungan if a movie has the creator’s hand in making it, it might as well be canon unless they state otherwise, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and Resurrection ‘F’, as well as Dragon Ball Super: Broly are canon, with the Super anime giving us Extended editions of the first two films.

My Hero Academia Movie Shirt
My Hero Academia Movie Shirt
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