Jack Skellington Faces Autism Awareness Shirt


Brian Calderwood really? My friend’s son has autism. I wouldn’t wish her life on anyone. My cousin had polio. Guess what? She’s 85 and has lived a long healthy life and she’s not in a wheelchair. By the way. Jack Skellington Faces Autism Awareness Shirt

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Jack Skellington Faces Autism Awareness Shirt

Lisa Michelle Hayes I have literally seen this exact same “story” about some person watching a “friends” child going from a normal 18 month old to being autistic because of receiving the vaccine posted on FB today by 3 different accounts. Jennifer Henry. My sister was the exact same. She received her vaccine in 1989 at the age of 18 months. She had her first seizure that day and continued to have multi seizures as well as different kinds of seizures from that day on. We to were told the same about the mercury in shots etc. She was later diagnosed with Lennox gastaut syndrome. Long story short she had a very hard life and ended up passing away days after her 30th birthday. I now have 3 little girls, the hardest decision I have ever had to make is to vaccinate or not. After going to many specialists, we decided to go ahead and vaccinate. Either way we are taking a risk. I feel more confident in the way that the shots are being preserved. We were told there definitely could be a genetic link. One dr explained it to saying “ imagine if your child was allergic to a dog and never had been around a dog until one day”.

Jack Skellington Faces Autism Awareness Shirt
Jack Skellington Faces Autism Awareness Shirt
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