Harry Potter Santa Diamond Christmas Shirt


When I was young,I used to think that Harry and Hermione would end up together later in the movie series.  Harry – Hermione shippers are still crying over spilled milk. Ron, divorce your wife, she is not worth your love. Let her go to Saint Potter.   Harry Potter Santa Diamond Christmas Shirt

Harry Potter Santa Diamond Christmas Shirt

Their friendship is so legendary.  I could never see them together because it would ruin this wonderful friendship. They cared so much for each other, but it didn’t have to be romantic. That’s why it is so special. Plus Ron and Hermione are just made for each other.  Rowling’s said she wished she would have put these two together. you cannot cheat fate ..but bad decision is a whole other matter.    Can remember only 2 occassions when hermionee was so emotionally broken down one was that wingadium laviosa time and another this.  8th book please. I don’t want to go grow old and have myopia when the 8th book will be released. It’s about bloody time.  everybody needs that one bestfriend in their life that doesn’t need words to know how u feel.    I love Harry Potter esp the leaky cauldron i need to drink ther and sit on Ian Browns table.  for first time when i watch movie i thing both of them would be more than friends.  I can empathise with this situation, I’m a straight guy but the friend I have most interactions with (and whom I’ve known the longest of anybody I know) is female.

Harry Potter Santa Diamond Christmas Shirt
Harry Potter Santa Diamond Christmas Lady Shirt
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