Grinch Christmas Resting Grinch face shirt


more modern version of the original Grinch (as well as the 2000 version), you can appreciate it more for what it is. I will buy it once it’s on BluRay because, again, I did enjoy it and it’s a different take on the others. Overall, I give it a 7/10.   Grinch Christmas Resting Grinch face shirt

Grinch Christmas Resting Grinch face shirt

I really enjoyed this movie. I thought it was different but in a good way. I’ve loved the Grinch since I was a baby. The book, the original cartoon, and the Carey version. And I’m happy to say I can add this to my roster. It was a lot of fun and I think they brought a new repeatability to the Grinch. Particularly loneliness. I mean we all deal with it and sometimes hide ourselves away making the loneliness worse. I wouldn’t say this is a masterpiece and there’s issues for sure, but on the whole I loved it and can t wait to see it again.  It was good for younger children. I’d say 10 and younger. While i like how they brought back alot of the churchy christmas songs it was just missing something. It fell a little flat for me. The grinch with jim carey is still better.  Hey guys! So I turned myself into the new 2018 grinch lol , If you could please go check it out on my Instagram it would help me soo much.  I have to work this weekend And I don’t know if it will be playing at the drive-in this week but we need to get together and plan a night to take all the kids though driving is much cheaper and way better with kids.

Grinch Christmas Resting Grinch face shirt
Grinch Christmas Resting Grinch face long sleeve
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