Depeche Mode enjoy the silence poster


The Smiths “Strangeways, Here We Come”, and The Bangles “Different Light”. – – And of course, I bought them all cassette tape.  36 years ago I was one of a group of excited 14 year olds who got the train from Grantham to Nottingham to see these at the royal concert hall -so looking forward to seeing this.   Depeche Mode enjoy the silence poster

Depeche Mode enjoy the silence poster

Was glad to be among the legion of fans who attended their ‘Spirit Tour’ two years ago in Munich, Germany in 2007. With my then girlfriend Boo and wife today.  I’m so excited about this film. I was there in Berlin and I see myself in those 6 lucky fans who will appear in this emotional documentary. Congratulations Dicken Schrader for your appearance representing the Southamerican fans.  So glad it comming out here in new zealand despite you guys lack of popularity here, super exited, tickets booked, can wait to see my davey on the big screen.  I’ll never forget when I fell in love with Depeche Mode it must of been around 1983’- 84ish My friend brought his boom box to shoot Hoops in the garage he had recorded a San Diego Radio Station on a cassette and was playing it. I heard one song and I thought it was pretty cool it was U2 After That song I heard this sound from this band the Song Was “Lie To Me”I asked him who is That??? The Rest is History 15 Concerts Later and lots of concert shirts and merchandise (including the best one ever 101)I’m a Devotee.  Can’t Wait To See the Documentary.

Depeche Mode enjoy the silence poster
Depeche Mode enjoy the silence small poster
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